Our deepest heartfelt sympathy to the countless victims of tyranny throughout history!  We can not change the past...but united we can exercise our rightful power to control our future!
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MajorityVoice's CURRENT NEEDS
Creating REAL Democracy won't be expensive.
But, it dependends on your support!


Sunday October 6, 2002 ~ The Issue Forum System is live!   Please remember this is your system to mold and evolve as you like.   Make it truly great!

Mid-May 2002 ~ Our young Bulgarian programmer, Ivan, is exceeding our expectations, coding the Issue Forum System.   Now, we are seeing his first demo boards.   They're looking great.   The cost of the coding has been covered by your generous contributions.   We fully expect to meet our June installation of the votable forum system.

We still need to hire an attorney and cover the legal fees for the site's non-profit incorporation.

Thanks to Michael at www.TamingTheBeast.net, we're expecting MajorityVoice to be listed in all search engines and directories by this Summer.   It's imperative we overcome the last two hurtles to completetion, prior to then.


Non-Profit Status:   To accept tax deductible contributions, MVO must first become a non-profit corporation at a cost of about $1500 us (our only bid).   Alternatively, we seek a law firm willing to contribute this service to this cause.   Please appeal to your legal friends to supply this need!   Certainly, every lawyer needs another tax write off.   Remember that MVO will belong to the membership, once you (the members) have arranged for it's maintenance and operations.

ISSUE FORUM SYSTEM:   Since last Summer, we have solicited bids around the globe for the coding of our votable issue forum system.   Until April of 2002 our four serious bids ranged from $4,900. up to $15,000.   Then we learned where to get lots of great bids quickly. We submitted the project at www.Elance.com. And already, from the nineteen bids received (in a week), we've accepted a most generous bid from a talented young programmer in Eastern Europe.   He appreciates the MVO purpose, having survived life in a Communist block country.   He'll be working with other member-programmers on future modificatons to this site.   Please remember to appeal to all your techy friends on behalf of MVO!   They are certainly welcome!


We are grateful to all who wish to help in any way.   A very small donation from everyone could make this happen quickly.

Those who make single large contributions which are instrumental in the expedition of this cause will receive a personalized, official "MajorityVoice DotCommendation" and be perpetually credited for their generosity on our "Credits" page in chronological order (if they like).


Advertisers' corporate policy must include intent to aid in the empowerment of Humanity and the improvement of the quality of Our lives.   Your company must also have a clean public record and spotless public image.   Please email any promotional proposal.   We'll consider its symbiosis with MajorityVoice's purpose and goals.

Please send snail mail to:

11774 Highway 31 East
Tyler, TX 75705

Our only hope IS Real Democracy!

This site is dedicated to the Children of the Earth and to our beloved daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith.   May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives.

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