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Our Story

History of the struggle for actual Democracy.

In the beginning, the cavemen's leaders were those who were the most ruthless and who carried the biggest sticks.   Many would argue that, now, after thousands of years of human progress, almost everything has changed, but that!

Over many centuries, the tyrannical rule of villages, cities, states and empires was always held together by the power of the individual rulers through political, legal, religious, economic and military force.   In those times, the few people who were actually content with their lives were either the rulers themselves, courtesans enjoying their ruler's favor, rugged individuals who isolated themselves from "civilization," or the fortunate few who lived in the rare kingdom ruled by a benevolent dictator.

Hope sprang into the mind of humankind with the birth of the concept of "Democracy" in ancient Greece.   The word, "democracy" was coined from two words: "demos" meaning "the people" and "kratein" meaning "to rule."   The original Greek meaning of the word democracy was: "Rule By The People."   Though, today, if a citizen of a "democratic" country were told for the first time that country's political system is a democracy, he or she could understandably mistake the definition of the word democracy as being, "To Rule The People."

Original Greek democracy was a definite improvement over all previous forms of government, because it offered more autonomy and security to its "Citizens."   But, it was not actually a "democracy" by their own literal definition of the word, because "all" of the people weren't involved in ruling their country.   Greek slaves outnumbered the Citizens.   And, apparently, the Greeks didn't consider their slaves to be people.   Only Citizens, the aristocrats of Greece, could participate in their new "somewhat democratic" political system.   But, it was progress, a step in the right direction.

Many other forms of "partial" democracy have risen and fallen over many generations.   One of the most democratic and perhaps the most successful of these was the Oligarchy of Venice.   For about eleven hundred years, it maintained a high standard of living for Venice's people by giving greater "weights" to votes cast by citizens of "higher" social classes. But, everyone participated in their political process.   It was democracy's next step in the right direction.

The United States of America was the next major evolutionary step in democracy's journey toward actualization. The founders of the USA were, of course, themselves fleeing from the tyrannical rule of empires and state religion.   So, America's founding fathers wanted "The People" to be involved in the political process.   But, they definitely did not want their country to be a "true" democracy, as is evidenced in the Federalists Papers, the U. S. Constitution and other documents.

The creators of America's political system were the wealthy aristocrats, intellectuals, and power brokers of colonial America.   They feared literal democracy as a potential for "mob rule," in which the people, having ultimate power, could take the riches away from the wealthy.   Even IF the founding fathers had wanted America to be a true democracy, the rudimentary technology of the time prohibited any viable process, which could accurately define the true will of a large, diverse and widely dispersed population.   So, since they feared losing their wealth and since democracy wasn't possible by horseback, they, in their great compassion and wisdom, formed the United States into another oligarchical system which they called a "Representative Republic" establishing the "one 'man' one vote" premise.

In the "representative republic" of colonial America, the male land owners elected politicians to represent their interests, to serve them by producing laws that provided for their ever-changing needs and wants.   It was immediately hailed as a better form of government, especially by the male land owners of colonial America.   America thrived and quickly surpassed the might of other less democratic, more politically (and therefore economically) oppressed countries.   Many assumed our "democratic" system should get all the credit for this unprecedented, national good fortune.   But, much credit should also be given to the boundless resources of the new land, free for the taking, and the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the hard working American people.

In the ninteen sixties, all of the American citizens had won their right to participate in the political process, truly making America the next step in democracy's progress toward actualization into reality.   American's inclusion into their republican political process and their limitless resources did lend the American citizens a unique sense of "there's-nothing-we-can't-accomplish" autonomy.   Many personal fortunes were amassed and the general standard of living in the USA became the envy of the world.   And, this early "representative" version of democracy certainly served America so well during the settlement and development of this great land into the world's only superpower, that the people gradually started taking our freedom and the government's protection of it for granted.

Herein lies the problem with an oligarchical representative republican political system.   Without constant public political oversight and massive direct political involvement, gradually, over time, the natural human greed of the people's representatives slowly corrupts the law and the political, economic and legislative systems in ways that most greatly benefit the representatives themselves and those who provide their campaign funds and other political favors.   This natural devolution of the system slowly but constantly chisels away at the freedom and wealth of the people, diverting ever-growing percentages of public funds and assets away from necessary public service into well-connected, insiders' pockets.

All this time, another insidious barrier to people empowerment was naturally developing in America as well as everywhere else in the world.   The phenomenom called "The Status Quo" is caused by the perfectly natural human instincts of self-preservation and greed.   Here's how it works.

The vast majority of the people who are at the bottom of the power chain (those who bear most of civilization's hardships) seek fundamental changes which might better their lives.   The elite minority of leadership at the top of the power chain (those who benefit most from the system) like things the way they are.   The people who want change have no political power to affect the desired change, because they have no way to unite to voice their collective goals.   And, the powerful leaders who could affect change, have no desire to do so.   So, those who would, can't.   And, those who could, won't.   This is the natural order of things which prevents change, keeps civilization stagnated in its past, prevents any forward progress which might benefit the average person.

Add 1) the Status Quo to 2) the constant systemic legal decay along with 3) the systematic disenfranchisement of the public from the political process, then include 4) the "lobby system," and all together it basically constitutes a covert, institutionalized wholesale auction of the public wealth (which the people create and own) and any other powers, benefits, assets and advantages our government can market to the highest bidders.   Ultimately, even though everyone can vote, it's still not rule by the people.   It's still Not democracy.

In the end analysis, in a society of pre-Internet technology, representative republican governmental systems ultimately and inevitably evolve into "rule OF the people by an elite minority," through their gradual subversion of our common power and theft of our money, resources and rights.   Hey, leaders are just people, too.   If we give them no rules, they have no rules to follow but those they write for themselves, which they change frequently to better their personal and class advantages.

"Both parties conspire to stay in office by selling America to the highest bidders. I make no claims of piety, myself." ~ Sen. John McCain.

In recent history (while the common saying, "An honest man can't afford to run for public office" was becoming a global cliche) all politicians from all the, so-called, "democratic" countries have been using the word, "democracy" more prominently and with increasing frequency throughout their speeches, political rhetoric and campaign information.   When, in fact, actual "democracy" would be today's politicians' worst nightmare.   In an actual democracy the people would rule the politicians.

That scenario would surely herald the end of the professional politicians' perpetual "party" on our money on CapitAl Hill.   If any country were actually a democracy, it's ruling population, upon its inception, would have mandated laws outlawing political corruption with harsh penalties equal to that of treason, along with generously tempting bounties and guarantees of protection to motivate potential informants to exposed the corruption.   For, what else is political corruption, if not the treasonous betrayal of the public's trust by our own official public servants?   Who can say with any conviction that corruption isn't totally rampant within government globally?

As Henry Kissinger sarcastically put it, "Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad."

Today's existing political systems known as "democracies" are actually elaborate, clandestine deceptions.   They offer some features of democracy.   And, they're labeled as democracy to placate us with false feelings of empowerment and security.   The democracy theme is repeatedly drummed into our minds by well-oiled, state-of-the-art propaganda machines.

The immensely wealthy factions who bought control of our governments own vast arrays of multinational corporations, conglomerates and many other assets.   Now they also own and control all the mainstream "corporate" press and "corporate" media along with it's corporate news outlets. These are their weapons of mass distraction, perpetually brain-washing us with spin, partial truths, omitted truths and outright lies to support and maintain their continued reign over us.   Unfortunately, most if not all of our current political systems actually reward the most ruthless, bought-&-paid-for candidates who have the lowest regard for humanity with our highest, most powerful offices from which they can help their benefactors more efficiently prey on us.   It's all so much worse than most of us can allow ourselves to believe.   And, it's almost the exact opposite of what the world's "bleedership and banksters" would have you believe.

"When a well-laid web of lies has been sold to a people gradually, over time, the truth will seem utterly ludicrous and its speaker a raving lunatic." ~ Dresden James.

Our current "democracies" offer their populations few viable choices that might actually improve their lives.   We can vote for this party's candidate or that party's candidate.   But, it's getting progressively harder to tell the difference between the parties or "their" candidates.   And, even more rarely, are we offered a choice who is truly "Our" candidate.

Occasionally an "honest" candidate does manage to miraculously squeeze through the system's cracks.   But, once that person is thrown into the time-corrupted system's fast lane, he or she must quickly choose to either go along with the good old boys' self-corrupting, "one step forward ~ three steps backward system," or accomplish nothing for the folks back home.   Meanwhile, we are ever increasingly forced into "negative voting" ~ voting against one candidate by casting our vote for his or her opponent.   But, how can we be sure which candidate is the lesser of the evils?   How can we determine which candidate will do the lease damage to us, to our country or to other peoples?   Voting has become like Russian roulette!   Most people just simply don't vote. But, that's not because they are apathetic.   Because, they're not!

The myth of public apathy is just another lie from the propaganda machine to keep us divided.   The elite ruling minority first systematically silenced our collective voice.   And, then they had the unmitigated gall to call us apathetic.

Are you apathetic?   Certainly not!   The fact that you're reading this sentence is proof that you care.   Do you want others to see you as an apathetic person?   No, you don't.   And, they don't want you to think of them as apathetic either.   Like our vast majority, you're a concerned and responsible person.   But there's just nothing you can do about all these overwhelming problems as an isolated individual.   But, united, we can accomplish almost anything!   Together we can create the most powerful voice on the planet.

People avoid the polls because they're not stupid.   They clearly see that politicians and their system are fundamentally corrupt.   They know they have no real choice.   They understand that the basic results are pre-determined, that regardless of which candidate wins, the cards are stacked against them.   Also, many non-voters simply don't want to feel responsible when the candidate for whom they cast their dubious vote commits a criminal act in office.   They, like you, will gladly go vote every time they believe their vote will make any difference at all.

Today........... Finally, actual democracy can take it's last step into reality!

Without changing one aspect of the structure of our existing "democratic" governments, we can now facilitate actual democracy, regardless of the deplorable ethics and morals of those occupying our seats of power.   For the first time in human history, we, The People, have the reins of power at our fingertips.

The public, truly democratic, all inclusive, political system outlined in this website is our means to collectively rule our leadership, conveniently from the comfort of our easy chairs, by becoming the most powerful lobby in politics.   Without this system or one like it in widespread, routine public use, democracy will remain, as it has always been, quite impossible.

Here is our three step plan:

We must 1) intellectually unite, 2) define our single greatest common goal, and 3) insist publicly and continuously that our leaders comply with our demand until "Our will be done."   The first mandate (change) will be the hardest.   Every mandate after that will be progressively easier.

Assurance that "mob rule" is impossible:

We can assure honest wealthy folks that literal democracy, as proposed within this website, can not become mob rule.   That just couldn't happen because the system's checks and balances will remain in place.   Suppose that the people do go temporarily insane with their newfound power, voting unanimously to strip the rich of their wealth and (what the Hell) their clothes, too.   Our representatives (and the courts) will, of course, oppose that proposition, simply because it's wrong and un-Constitutional.   Our governmental or corporate leaders will still have the freedom to oppose our collective will, but only at risk of losing their powerful positions.   They can disobey our overwhelming mandate, "for our own good," in their "better" judgment, if they feel they must.   But, in the process they'll know that they must give us a very convincing explanation if they intend to seek re-election, avoid impeachment or stay in business, respectively.

We must make only one very fundamental change.   We must build the will of our majority into the single most powerful factor pressing on the naturally greedy, shortsighted minds of our various governmental and corporate leaders.   To gain their cooperation, We only need to make them fear for the loss of their positions of power.   Once that happens, there will be a mass exodus of leadership from corrupt political systems everywhere on Earth to join us in mandating all that's best for humanity at large.

Our numbers, in favor of our mandates, must be awesomely overwhelming.   And our resolve to accomplish our goals must be so concrete, that we send fear deep into the hearts of nefarious leaders who consider disobeying the true will of our majority for their gain.   After all, our elected leaders will still need our votes to stay in office. And, the captains of commerce will still need our patronage to stay in business.   Fortunately, for us, we have them all outnumbered by roughly a million to one.

"They be few. And, we be many. They need us more than we need them." ~ Arundhati Roy before thousands of cheering Brazilians, 2003.

But, Our unity is something the elite ruling minority has worked tirelessly and diligently for generations to prevent.   To divide us and prevent our power over them, they've convinced most of us that we are personally sane, but everyone else nuts, shaking our faith in our fellow citizens.   They showcase sensational violent crime to make us afraid of those "others" "out there."   They fan the flames of racial, religious and even political hatred.   They trump up decreasingly feasible reasons for immensely profitable: but totally unnecessary war after war, each time amassing many more illicit corporate and personal fortunes from the industry and the spoils of war.   Could they possibly care how many of us are killed, mamed or empoverished for their profits?

This tiny, elite, ruling minority has perpetually done everything conceivable to keep us divided and alienated from eachother, to prevent social interaction that might unite us, to keep us powerless.   This is the root cause of our insular lifestyles, our "Lives of Quiet Desperation."   But they can't stop the internet.   Their own military industrial complex built it in a uniquely decentralized fashion to be totally impervious to any kind of attack.

Please believe this, because it's absolutely true.   We, The People, do not want war.   And, we do not want to steal that which is not rightfully ours from anyone.   However, it's reasonable to assume that once empowered, we may collectively decide to take back what was stolen from us.   And, no one should feel sorry for the traitors who stole what was rightfully ours when they lose their illgotten gains.

Wealthy people who came by their fortunes honestly and legally through their hard work and diligence are our examples to follow.   They are living the American Dream to which we all aspire.   They have nothing to fear from the emergence of actual democracy.   After all, we, the people, also want the opportunity to accumulate wealth.   So, we definitely won't set prededents which could prevent our own financial successes.

The vast majority of human beings are honest sincere people who, like you, are simply powerless (as isolated individuals) to affect any meaningful change.   They want virtually the same things that you want: the basic necessities, self-respect, security, justice, prosperity, a reasonable health care system, a good education, opportunity, freedom, liberty, a clean environment, a healthy economy, efficient and honest government, a promising future for themselves and their children, and, mostly, WE WANT PEACE!

To seriously hope for all these universally treasured attributes in our collective reality with any sincere expectation was never possible before the interactivity and connectivity now afforded to humanity by the Internet.

"Where there's no hope, there's dope." ~ Rev. Jesse Jackson.

As a result of the emergence of this wonderful, inexpensive technology, MajorityVoice was created to empower us to unite to collectively mold just such a reality, issue-by-issue, vote-by-vote, and mandate-by-mandate.   Little, if anything, will ever change for the benefit of average Earthlings until enough of us unite to stand firmly together for all that's right and against all that's wrong until we've straightened out this mess.

If all the countries on Earth were actual democracies, war would be just another embarrassing aspect of our dark past, like the Crusades.   Absolute power corrupts absolutely, only when it's in the hands of a few.   In literally everyone's hands absolute power will have the opposite effect.   Real Democracy will un-corrupt the Earth absolutely.


MVO's public issue forum system will belong to those of you who use it.   You'll democratically decide everything about how this system will evolve and how our collective reality will unfold.   But, you must participate.   Don't wait until it's a raging success before you join and become involved.   Because if everyone follows that sheepish philosophy, it will never succeed.

Take the lead.   Break the ice!   You must join now, raise the real issues before this truly democratic court of public opinion, post your suggestions for possible solutions, and vote on every facet of every issue that concerns you.   The longer you wait the greater the opportunity you are giving the elite ruling minority to stop us in our tracks.   "Literal Democracy" is our greatest single defense against the abuse and corruption of the predators among us.

What hobby or passtime could possibly be more important or rewarding to you than regularly spending a small part of your spare time making the world a better place?   And, don't forget that it's free.   Do this for your children and their children.   And, bring everyone you can influence with you.

Peace and prosperity for posterity!

Written by Al Smith, Founder & Interim Director ~ Democracy's Next Step!

NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS:   Do you sense a lack of communication within your group?   Currently, MajorityVoice also offers private, password protected, democratic forums for your club, union, or other type of group to help your members resolve their own private internal issues at no cost.   At some point we'll establish a nominal charge of pennies per member per month for this service.

Discuss it with your group.   Help actualize your group's goals with your own MVO perpetual town hall meeting.   Engage, energize and more efficiently utilize all your group's brainpower.   Better unify your organization today (FREE FOR NOW) at

NOTICE TO AMERICANS: There is now a movement to legalize democracy in America!   Please go to The National Initiative For Democracy and cast your vote for the passage of "The Democracy Act" and "The Democracy Amendment" to the U. S. Constitution which will create a "Legislature of the People" to co-govern with Congress.

MajorityVoice is dedicated to all of the Children of the Earth and to our lovely daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith. May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives."To Charity and Posterity!"

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