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A message to YOU from the Founder

Greetings! And, thank you for seeking "the right thing to do" about all that's wrong with the world.

I'm Al Smith, the creator of MajorityVoice and Interim Director of your "Issue Forum System." I'll continue in this capacity, doing all I can to make democracy a reality, until I die or until you, the members, assume your rightful duty to your children and their children to take over the Issue Forum System's ownership and operations and then transparently evolve it into the true and mighty voice of the now silent and impotent majority.

Since the early seventies (a three decade period during which humanity spent trillions of dollars and man hours on an endless array of mind-numbing diversions to avoid facing all the ugly truths), I've spent my spare time and money in a quest for a way to facilitate actual democracy to humanity. I believe that, short of divine intervention, real democracy is mankind's only hope to free Us from the age-old bondage of the predatory few ~ to empower Us to peacefully create literal "civilization." Without the introduction of actual democracy, all existing governmental systems will only continue to empower the sociopathic few who own our governments to further enslave and impoverish Us, as they designed their systems to do!

When democracy finally happens, it will reverse the historic imbalance of power between the ruling few and the powerless many. The status quo ~ humanity's shackle that's kept us quagmired in the past ~ will finally be broken forever. This freeing of human potential will be one of the most important events in our history. Once we've segregated all the sociopathic predators to prevent them from preying on Us, the age-old competitive paradigm which has escalated into globalism, which is now draining our resources and killing our planet, will be reversed into a new paradigm of cooperation and trust, enabling Us to undo all the wrongs done by our enslavers, before it's too late for posterity.

MajorityVoice's votable Issue Forum System IS the core-code for true democracy. Given widespread participation, it's now capable of defining the true will of every demographically definable group on earth regarding every issue which affects them. This new interactive and connective technology can establish (define, proclaim and achieve) the true will of the majority of all peoples about literally everything. When it's successful, it will be the realization of my life's quest.

Though it has been online for several years, it's suffered several set backs that crippled membership growth and participation. Only now have we finally perfected its core-code, though it should always continue to evolve as you see fit. All you need to do to begin gaining your rightful power over your governments and your own life is to begin participating regularly in the public Issue Forums that directly affect you and encourage everyone to do the same. Once We've overwhelmingly mandated and instituted our first solution, each solution thereafter will be increasingly easier.

Below, please, allow me to invalidate the most common excuses for not participating in real democracy:

1. You don't have the time or knowledge to discuss and vote on every decision before your legislature.

It won't take that much of your time. You'll only need to participate in the forums which directly affect you or those about which you have special knowledge, though you should occasionally take time to read and vote on the Results Boards of all the public forums in order for democracy to work. So, a few hours a week in your easy chair, in your pajamas will probably be adequate. Ask yourself if your children's future is worth a few more leisurely hours a week before you computer.

2. Due to generations of enormously expensive scientific propaganda, you may, understandably but mistakenly, believe that this IS democracy and no better form of government is possible.

Before now, that belief was partly correct, because we didn't have the technology to define the will of a population. But please, be aware that the common misconception that this is a democracy is "The Greatest Lie." In fact, real democracy would be today's politicians' worst nightmare. You see, a "democracy" is a nation (or any group) of people who make all their important collective decisions, themselves ~ a country in which the true will of the majority is the law of the land in every regard the people deem important.

Ask yourself if you ever voted "FOR" an ever-growing, decades-long pandemic of political corruption or the direct results of that pandemic: a never ending string of wars, starvation, genocide, relentless wholesale squander of most of the wealth of our labor, the ever-widening financial gap between the ruling few who own practically everything of value and The People who legally own very little, or selling most of the world's monetary systems to one tiny group of ultra-rich bankers, growing global economic chaos, skyrocketing oil prices with consecutive record petrol company profits, or for global pollution to the extent that now threatens our very extinction? No, you didn't and you wouldn't. Also, please, realize that legislators can not possibly legislate the true will of their constituents without a publicly owned system, such as "Our" Issue Forum System, that continuously defines and publicizes their constituents' true will regarding every issue the legislators must consider. Democracy just couldn't be done from horseback.

Not one of today's so-called democracies facilitates the true will of the people they're supposed to represent. Let's call their fiat-democracies "demockery," because they make a mockery of the very concept of democracy by producing legislation that overwhelmingly profits only the the ruling few and further empowers them to further enslave and impoverish "Us."  Our enormous wealth will always corrupt every minority that holds Our power.  Only "The Governed" can rule their  government with "The People's" best interests at heart.

3. You may fear reprisals from the elite ruling minority for openly opposing their agenda.

If so, please realize that I have been openly doing exactly that for many years with no such reprisals. And, you must admit that if you fear your government, you do not live within a democracy. In a real democracy the people of each town, state, country and/or region will actually own and govern their governments and lead their respective leaders. Leaders will fear and, therefore, obey the people of a truly democratic state, because any sane population will quickly democratically mandate legislation declaring political corruption (politicians betraying the public's trust) to be the treason it actually is.

The bankster and bleedership didn't gain control of the world by being stupid. But, they've made some huge mistakes. Perhaps, their biggest blunder was having their military industrial complex create the Internet to be an "indestructable" communications system for the future. They now know they couldn't have pretended to be democracies for generations without making real democracy totally inevitable. They also know the Internet has made it only a matter of short time before most of Us have learned learn enough of the ugly hidden truths to motivate us to start making a system of real democracy in our own defense. That's why they're now stealing our wealth at an ever-increasingly alarming rate. And, when they see Us marching down the street toward them, most will smartly jump their rotten ships and join Us, pledging to do only our will.

4. The last common reason for your non-participation is that you are too concerned with your bottom line (and/or other people's bottoms) to trouble yourself over trivialities, such as your own children's' children's' survival or quality of life. If that's the case, you deserve the unsavory fate you are allowing this tiny, predatory minority to perpetrate on you. And, if the vast majority of people feel this way, I have wasted my life attempting to save your descendants from a bleak, "Soilent Green" existence on a desolate planet. I say "your descendants" because my only child was killed by Texas' Smith County Criminal "Justice" System for their profit. ( See to learn about this insidious public menace that killed her, kills thousands of innocent people across this nation every year and may kill you or your loved ones.)

For the most apathetic and narcissistic among you, I predict that when you have sacrificed enough of your real freedoms for "perceived" protection from a government that's incapable of protecting you from the Hell they are intentionally creating as their Weapon of Mass Deception to enslave you, when your perceived safety has been sufficiently violated, when your standard of living has been reduced to a "lowest denominator" that's even below your tolerance levels, when you have finally come to the realization that the vast majority of people are indeed slaves to the rich and powerful few, then, if democracy hasn't been literally outlawed, you'll quickly remember to come here and begin regularly exercising your rightful power to enable "The People" of every land to become the only lobby that matters to any of their legislators.

But, I sincerely think the vast majority of Us are not apathetic. The vast majority of Us are sincere, caring human beings. I believe that if everyone was given the opportunity to push a magic button that could right all wrongs, only a tiny, sick percentage would not push that button. Please, realize that this Issue Forum System (or any, yet unknown, system of actual democracy that successfully emerges) is that magic button: but only if you use it.

I'll continue to do all within my humble means to keep MajorityVoice online and available as your place to unite to ensure survival and prosperity for posterity. And, if another system of "real" democracy successfully develops before MajorityVoice does, I'll suspend this site's operations and refer all this site's members and new traffic to that site, because, unlike most other things, there can be only one system of democracy for all of Us.

If you feel you might be able to help accelerate the advent of real democracy, please email me from any of the "Contact Us" links.

Most sincerely yours,

Alan D. (Al) Smith, Founder & Interim Director ~ Your personal tool to help make up the mind of Mankind to make Our Will Be Done at long last.

NOTICE TO AMERICANS: There is now a movement to legalize democracy in America!   Please go to The National Initiative For Democracy and cast your vote for the passage of "The Democracy Act" and "The Democracy Amendment" to the U. S. Constitution which will create a "Legislature of the People" to co-govern with Congress.

MajorityVoice is dedicated to all of the Children of the Earth and to our lovely daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith. May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives."To Charity and Posterity!"

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