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THE SHORT COURSE: How to Use the Issue Forum System

1. Click the Forum System link at the top of the navagation links.

2. Click on the Sign Up link on that page, Agree to our "Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy" and then complete the registration process to become a member.

3. Click the "Forum System" again and enter your user name and password.   Hit "Enter."

4. Now you're at the "Forum Index" page.   From the list of Forums, click on an Issue Forum in which you'd like to participate.   Post comments as in any other bulletin board.   To vote, click the "plus" button of statements you like best or agree with most.   Click the "minus" button on statements that you dislike, which you least like, with which you disagree, which are off-topic or duplicated.   If you are not sure, vote NO!   The object is to vote "for" statements that best express your sentiments and "against" practically everything else posted.   Negative votes help to minimize the text in the forums, though complete transcripts of all forum posts are available in each forum's archive.   This system democratically promotes the ideas which most of us think are best, separating the wheat from the chaff.   Only the best ideas should remain in each forum's discussion.

5. Read the "Results Boards" of every forum and vote as you read.   This is the minimum level of participation.   If you do nothing more, please do this step regularly.

WARNING:   Vote carefully!   All votes are irrevocable!

6. Create a new "Issue Forum" from the Forum Index page.   First use the "Issue Search" feature to look for an existing Issue Forum dedicated to your issue.   If none is found, then click the "Create New Forum" button.   Complete the form, considering your title and all your words very carefully!   Check your spelling.   Most recently duplicated forums will be deleted.

7.   Make a "Polling Post" as the first post to your forum.   It should say, "Vote for this post to vote for the basic intent of this forum." or something similar.

Note: Post only serious, well-considered statements.   And remember, every post on every board in the system is subject to approval or rejection of all future registered users.   The management reserves the right to edit grammatical and typographical errors, remove any offensive or disruptive posts and bar repeat offenders from the system at our discretion. (You can collectively run it as you like, once you've taken over the public forum system.)

BE POLITE AND CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS!   This is not a casual chat room.   Disruption of the process will not be tolerated.   Remember, we're all here trying to accomplish the same, urgent task.

SYSTEM SAFEGUARDS: Your anonymity and privacy are assured.   The Issue Forum System has safeguards to protect it against abuse.   Anyone attempting to corrupt its results will permanently lose their right to participate.



Before we can develop real solutions to our problems, our vast majority must have a basic understanding of the complexities of the issues and the ramifications of the various solutions.   The MajorityVoice "votable" Issue Forum System will enable all of us to discuss, deliberate and (ultimately) understand every issue we face.   In the process, we'll collectively compose and democratically adopt OUR solutions for each problem.

Once a forum's results are undeniably "for" a comprehensive solution to a particular issue, that solution becomes a public mandate to one or all of our governments for new legislation or to big business for policy change. will pro-actively issue press releases and mandates to governments, institutions, businesses or other controlling entities when the membership decides the time is right or anytime we feel a forum's results warrant such actions.   The roots of many issues will be so deeply entrenched that massive participation in the corresponding forum will be necessary for that forum's mandate to have any real impact.

The MVO Privacy Policy
And your Member Registration information

Our "User Registration" form requires NO credit information. No personal data is required, other than your real name, sex, date of birth and email address, to enable us to contact you with important news and to police those who are disruptive.   Nothing you individually say or do on this site will be divulged to anyone or linked to any kind of record that could specifically identify you with the opinions you express here.   Your anonymity is sacred to us.

The few lines of your "demographic data" we ask for are necessary to refine MajorityVoice results for many beneficial purposes.   Here are some examples:   Legislators of a certain country can come here to see exactly what their countrymen (and/or country's women) are thinking about a pending legislation (and realize that We are not ignorant nor apathetic) before making their decisions.   Industries who have created problems that are the focus of MVO forums may alter their methods of business because of majority consensus expressed here.   By accessing these discussions and statistics, the news media may (realizing that We know the truth) write more accurate, less biased articles about the real issues

The bottom three (3) "Optional Data Fields" are for your group's specified "key word" or identifier for its members.   You can enter your group's identifier in one of these fields.   Please remember that all members of your group must use the same key word to (1) enter their forum, if it's a "private" forum and (2) to enable them to isolate their membership's votes from the general consensus of any "public" forum's participants.

These fields may be left blank and filled in later or changed as your affiliations change.   If and when you fill one in, make sure you use the exact word(s) stipulated by your group, so your group can accurately identify results from All its members.   If you create a forum for your group here, please tell all your group's members the exact spelling of your group's identifier, i.e. "Teamsters" not Teamster, etc.

Keep your profile updated.   If you move or change affiliations you may need to change your area code, zip code or membership data in your profile to ensure your votes are counted for issues pertinent to your new area.   All the profile fields may be changed except:   your name, your date of birth, your permanent username, and your password.

Note: "Permanent Username"   Your username is permanent.   So choose wisely.   It is permenent to prevent the constant nickname-change schitzophrenia and intra-membership anonymity which is responsible for flaming, personal attacks in chat and other forums.   Please realize you are stuck with the username you choose.   This rule is imposed to help insure all members will carefully consider the words they post in these forums, hopefully minimizing the division, making room for unity.   Your words are who you are here.   Please be courteous and kind to each other.

Anyone may "Read Only" the forums and boards of MajorityVoice.   But,
You must register as a member to use the forums interactively.

Using the Forums

First, agree to our Privacy Policy and Usage Agreement.   Then complete the "User Registration."   Now, log in.

Click the "Issue Forum System" link.   Here you'll see the "Forum Index," a list of existing forums,áeach dedicated to a specific issue, hence the term, "Issue Forums."   They are listed in order of most popular issues first.   You can go straight to one of the Issue Forums to get involved with others working to formulate an understanding of the problem and suggesting potential solutions.   Or,

Create a New Forum

You may wish to create a new Forum for the issue of your choice.   Search the forums first to make sure your issue is not already represented.   Then you may click the "Create New Forum" button on the "Forums Index" page and fill in the blank form to create a new Forum to address your issue.

Choose your wording very carefully.   Check your spelling.   When you press the "Finish" button, you'll be sent directly to your newly created "Issue Forum."   You'll have the privilege of making the first and perhaps most important post to your new forum.

Posting Statements in a Forum

Type and edit your comment in the space provided.   Your wording of a post (statement) is critical.   You must word it so that those in agreement with it vote positively to accept it.   Some negative wording may make voters cast negative votes to concur with the meaning of the post.   Example: "NO MORE income tax" would produce lots of "No" votes to agree with it.   Whereas, saying "End Income Tax," would produce positive votes to agree.

Don't worry!   If you negatively word a post that causes negative votes to delete your post (remove it from the main forum discussion), you can always re-post the same "thought or meaning," re-phrased in a more positive way.   Usage of the forums will better enable you to formulate posts that receive positive votes.   And, anyone can access complete archive of the discussion at anytime.

Humor is fine and encouraged for occasional comic relief.   Just don't be offended when your peers delete it.   Only vote positively on jokes, when they are truly great jokes, they are germane to the issue and you want them included in the Public Mandate regarding this issue.

Regarding all posts (member contributed text): MajorityVoice's management reserves the right to edit typographical and grammatical errors and to delete frivolous, profane, redundant, antagonistic, offensive or disruptive entries.   But, we must remain impartial with regard to issues and solutions.   Any textual alterations of member contributions by the management would be in the spirit of improving user experience, preventing confusion, or expediting the end result.   A motion to reverse a disputed management change which is ratified by the member/users of a forum will reverse the management decision and whatever action it had taken.   We'd never wish to go against the will of the majority.

Voting on Forum Posts

All the "Issue Forums" are "votable bulletin boards."  Think of them as individual perpetual town hall meetings.   Every statement posted in an Issue Forum is "votable," preceeded by mini- polling booth consisting of a negative (-) and positive (+) radio button set.   Please, click the "plus" or "minus" button before every statement (post) to cast your votes.   You can cast as many votes as you like then press the "Submit" button only once, to reduce resolution time.   You should try to think of the "plus" and "minus" signs as "agree" or "disagree" rather than yes and no, since the words "yes" and "no" can become confused in the context of the statement at issue.

The object is to vote "for" (+) statements with which you most closely agree.   Vote "against" (-) literally everything else.   Negative votes help reduce the volume of text on the forums to lessen the reading burden of other members.   Only the most widely accepted statements should survive the forums and be promoted to their Issue Forum's dedicated "Results Board."   Remember to vote very carefully, since your votes are irrevocable!   If you are not fairly sure about a post, just VOTE NO.   And, please, vote on all posts in every Issue Forum that is of interest to you.

Currently, anytime there are more than ten (10) votes on a post and a 60% majority has voted against it (6 negative votes), that post is deleted.   Statements, which have been ratified (over 8 votes with 75%+ positive) in a Forum, automatically migrate onto that Forum's dedicated "Results Board."   These initial settings of the quantities and percentages are adjustable to the will of our membership.   Think of the Forums as the primary elections and the Results Boards as general elections.

Voting the Results Boards   (the minimum level of participation)

If you do nothing else, please do this step regularly!   This is the most important part of your use of this system.

Each "Issue Forum's" dedicated "Results Board" contains only statements that have been ratified in that Forum. á Members cannot post statements on "Results Boards."   Statements' vote counts are reset to zero when first promoted to the Results Board.   Positive Result Board votes promote statements toward the top.   Negative votes demote statements toward the bottom.   A negative plurality of a vote total over 1000 votes will delete a statement from a Results Board.   All current and future registered users may vote "once" on every statement posted on every Results Board.   Those who had previously voted on a statement while it was still in forum, may vote again on it, once it has been promoted to the Results Board.   This feature is the only way users may correct voting mistakes made in forum.

The End Product

This system will democratically generate results for every issue, which reflect our true view of all the aspects of the problems we face and our mandate for appropriate solutions in the form of a list of user-adopted statements appearing in order of popularity.   Results Board Statistics will be available to members in (1) "total current results for all statements (posts) on a Results Board," (2) total current results for individual Results Board statements (posts), or (3) "demographically defined results" for each of the above.   There will never be any "final results" since this will always be an ongoing process.   However, once the system has been somewhat seasoned, MajorityVoice's results will always reflect an accurate sampling of our majority view of the issues.

The last step will be for the members of forums which have produced sufficient results to democratically determine how they wish to proclaim their forum's results to the world.   They will have at their disposal for this purpose a percentage of the funds generated by the site's revenues from advertising, donations, etc.

What Will All This Accomplish?

This organization will have no party, national or political affiliations.   It won't be connected to any government or power structure.   The net results can only be in the form of awesomely overwhelming public demand for changes which will benefit people: but which won't benefit the powerful banksters and bleedership who pay off government to maintain the status quo.   Here is a hypothetical scenario:

Suppose that next year, the MV forum entitled, "Corrupt Politicians Are Traitors," produces results that basically say, "Public officials who cheat us, steal from us, abuse their powers of office, or otherwise betray our trust are traitors and should be treated accordingly."   Suppose the Results Board for this forum produces positive votes in the hundreds of millions and negative votes only in the thousands.

Only the stupidest, most self-destructive "elected" politician or bureaucrat would fail to take us seriously, fail to enact our mandated legislation or fail to realize the implications of it's intent.   And, no one would demand a recount.

Real solutions are impossible from within the system, because the system is the problem.   This will be our own system, free from politicial and economic pressures.   It's our way to have our say in all matters which affect us.   It's how We can effectively force them to do what's best for us and our planet, for a change.

Author Credits

Your user name will remain with your posts throughout the whole process.   This way members may see which author/members are responsible for the best contributions and, hence, know who to nominate for positions within the membership's organizations, committees, boards, etc.   This is simply credit where credit is due.   Members may create forums for to propose credits or awards for author/members whose posts get top approval.   The evolution of this site is entirely up to you, the members.

Site Management

This site will be managed by the owners and/or our appointees until the membership has democratically set up a governmental system for this site, incorporated as a non-profit corporation and provided for its protection and continued purely democratic development, after which this site's name can be changed to or whatever the membership democratically decides.   At that time the owners will give's Fourm System to the membership under the terms of the existing agreement.   Read the Usage Agreement for full details.   This will be your site.   Hopefully, people from all over the world will martial their resources to mold it gracefully into humanity's sate-of-the-art tool to make Our lives on Our Earth so good that political corruption and "escapism" through substance abuse will become "things of the past."

Your Invitation

This site still needs a lot of development.   We need your help.   Let us know if you have talents, assets or expertise to offer @ our "Contact Us" link.   We are amenable to all sincere offers.   How this gets done doesn't matter to us.   We only want to see Real Democracy within all humanity's groups become a reality.   Perhaps you know even better ways to poll the mind of mankind which will accomplish this global task quicker or more efficiently.   Your participation, comments and suggestions are welcome, valued, encouraged and necessary.


For this to truly become "The Voice of The Silent Majority," you and everyone you know must get involved as soon as possible.   Please remember to tell everyone about

Short of devine intervention, Real Democracy really is Our only hope!

NOTICE TO AMERICANS: There is now a movement to legalize democracy in America!   Please go to The National Initiative For Democracy and cast your vote for the passage of "The Democracy Act" and "The Democracy Amendment" to the U. S. Constitution which will create a "Legislature of the People" to co-govern with Congress.

MajorityVoice is dedicated to all of the Children of the Earth and to our lovely daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith. May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives."To Charity and Posterity!"

ęCopyright 2000 - 2004 PRIVACY POLICY & USE AGREEMENT