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Forum Feedback Discussion about this "Issue Forum System." Read...    ivan    10/01/02 111
SWA Team Closed Private Forum    jlee    05/10/03 96
Patriotism Is patriotism the root of all the major problems ...    michael_bloch    10/07/02 43
Politicians Salaries If politicians were truly dedicated to the people...    michael_bloch    10/07/02 25
End Income Tax Let's encourage income and savings with a Federal...    a    10/02/02 24
Economize Government Better government via greed. We need a system to...    a    10/09/02 19
Definition of Democracy What is your understanding of Democracy? What do...    mk    09/25/03 17
art theory 2 Closed Private Forum    bugalugs    02/18/06 15
War Civilization has come a long way, or has it...    michael_bloch    10/07/02 14
Mandatory Life For Pedophiles supports the grass roo...    tmalfano    03/31/03 11
No U.S.War with Iraq! It's not about terrorism. It's about oil, money...    j    12/11/02 11
Boycott Media Ad Products A boycott of products shown in ads supporting cor...    alionslair    03/16/03 11
Abortion (pro-choice) Women should have the right to have an abortion i...    georgefisher    01/21/03 9
Predatory behavior So called predatory behaviours is a symptom. As s...    jabel    07/15/03 9
Homeless Justice This forum seeks to address economic and social j...    cyberbob    03/27/03 8
Honest Government Corrupt government employees are traitors.    a    10/02/02 6
Transparency in Government Transparency in government is at the heart of goo...    1866    11/19/02 6
Marijuana and Liberty Marijuana is a harmless substance We must Legali...    DEMOCRACYMATTERS    04/30/05 6
Honest News We must know the truth to make competent decision...    a    10/06/02 6
Positive thinking Many believe that... The strong do what they wil...    billjim    10/10/04 5
Re-create democratic media Right now, between 7 and 10 transnational corpora...    debocracy    12/06/02 5
Global Citizenship Every person who is alive today is a citizen of p...    jkintree    03/06/11 4
Fight Back ... with votes !!!! I have found an excellent way to fight back again...    the_greasy_pole    07/22/03 4
Social Security Privitization A thoughtful discussion as to why there is a push...    jandrewmorrison    02/10/05 4
Global Vision of Our New World What elements should we include in Our global vis...    a    11/02/10 4
Oprah`s obligation Oprah has the clout at her disposal to mobilize m...    alionslair    03/26/04 2
ANYTHING Talk about anything    geraldo199    01/08/06 2
How Can WE Stop the Illuminati? All wars, major corruption, disinformation, econo...    a    08/05/09 2
End gasoline price gouging! Oil companies report record earnings during a tim...    a    08/12/05 2
Forza ElettroMotrice    thomas    09/08/14 2
Iraq Peace Plan The U. S. should announce that our troups will wi...    a    02/21/07 1
Alliance  of  Movs.    ruipmartins    01/29/13 1
How to End the Depression Put the printing of money back into the hands of ...    a    11/16/09 1
Local TV News should help its victims. Local TV news teams could easily direct viewers' ...    a    05/28/04 1