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Please lend your good name to this worthy cause!
"We know you by your name...but we will remember you by your actions and deeds! Please review our site and help us create a true democratic system. Lend your name, your actions and deeds to the most worthy cause of all...real democracy."

Send us a letter which 1) enables us to verify your identity and 2) includes a short quote you'd like posted here.

Mail to:, 403 Hartsdale, Dallas, TX 75211

"You are thinking imaginatively about using the new technology to expand democracy (or rather, to create it for the first time). Best of luck to you."
~ Howard Zinn ~

Unless you request its removal, your endorsement will remain on this page in chronological order, perpetually.   So, the first to take action will appear on the top of this list, forever. Thank you for your participation..

NOTICE TO AMERICANS: There is now a movement to legalize democracy in America!   Please go to The National Initiative For Democracy and cast your vote for the passage of "The Democracy Act" and "The Democracy Amendment" to the U. S. Constitution which will create a "Legislature of the People" to co-govern with Congress.

MajorityVoice is dedicated to all of the Children of the Earth and to our lovely daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith. May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives."To Charity and Posterity!"

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