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Please, read, print and circulate
The U.S. Democracy Petition
to END Political Corruption in America!

This is YOUR FREE TOOL to help define, mandate and achieve our common goals.   For the first time in history, we have the technology necessary for "real democracy."  This is it, right here at your fingertips!   So, please use it.   Add YOUR voice to all those gathering here.   Democracy can define and empower the collective will of one and all only if you participate.   Take a small step to help democracy take its next step!

Let's get together and fix this mess, cooperatively!

For responsible self-rule, we must be able to unite.   We must be able to define our true will.   And, we must stand together to make OUR will be done!   Get informed!   Get involved!   Don't just sit there!   Do something!  Support Democracy's rEvolution.

Democracy will begin working for humanity's greatest benefit as our vast majority learns of our many common unfulfilled goals.   Do your part to peacefully promote change from your easy chair, at your convenience, right here.   As we've seen, when we don't use our power, we lose it.   Only if we exercise it will we ever get it back!


Note: All public forums will always be open and free to all.   We hope that revenues from MVO's "Private Forums" will someday cover the costs of the public forum system.

NOTICE TO AMERICANS: There is now a movement to legalize democracy in America!   Please go to The National Initiative For Democracy and cast your vote for the passage of "The Democracy Act" and "The Democracy Amendment" to the U. S. Constitution which will create a "Legislature of the People" to co-govern with Congress.

MajorityVoice is dedicated to all of the Children of the Earth and to our lovely daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith. May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives."To Charity and Posterity!"

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